A Real Mom Review of Kindred Bravely’s Clea Pajama Set for Women

Photo of Kindred Bravely Pajamas for Women

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I am a pajama lover. I work from home so sometimes my pajamas roll into my work clothes (just the bottoms, don’t judge!). My pajamas are often-times mismatched tees and comfy pants, but I do love a good pajama set. Pajama sets for women give us coverage and comfort at the same time. I can feel ‘dressed’ enough so that if someone shows up at the house I don’t have to race for a robe. I have a kid (you all know about my 10 year old, Luisa), so I need to be dressed enough for knocks at the front door.

Kindred Bravely Long Sleeve Pajama Set, $75

Best Pajamas for Women

I’ve tried a lot of pajamas and I can say that Kindred Bravely’s are amongst my favorites! They are great quality, super soft and wash/wear really well. They go right into the washer and dryer and do not come out a hot-wrinkled-mess.

What I love about Kindred Bravely’s Clea Pajamas for Women:

Pockets! Yes, they have two pockets in the pants that fit your phone.

The fabric is dreamy. They are bamboo which is soooo soft.

The fit is loose enough so that they are well fitted without being clingy.

They come in black (hides all!) plus evergreen and fig (a deep plum).

You can wear these pajamas all year round.

Easy buttons. These buttons are easy enough for nursing/breastfeeding moms.

The waistband is a wide, flat waistband for comfort (no marks in the morning).

The shirt is long enough to give some butt coverage (much appreciated!).

Kindred Bravely Long Sleeve Pajama Set, $75

Christmas Pajamas for Women

Great quality pajamas make a great gift— for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day or any holiday. The long sleeved Clea are cute pajamas for women that we’ll actually appreciate receiving as a gift! (Men: sexy pajamas for women are not always appreciated once you’re a mom.)

Best Breastfeeding Pajamas for Women

The Clea pajamas are not exclusively breastfeeding pajamas. I’m wearing them and I’m certainly not in the baby space! These pajamas are great for expectant and breastfeeding moms as they’re generous in size and have easy access for nursing.

Are Kindred Bravely Women’s Pajamas Worth the Money?

Without a doubt, yes. These bamboo pajamas are so soft. They are 95% bamboo, 5% spandex. (Did I mention the pockets?)

How do Kindred Bravely’s Pajamas Fit?

I’m petite (5 ft) and the small fit great. I had a friend stay over who is a slim 5ft 6 and they also fit her great— so the fit is easy and versatile. PS- she loved them as much as I did.

The Clea pajamas come in size X-small through XX-large.

Kindred Bravely Long Sleeve Pajama Set, $75

Final Review of Kindred Bravely’s Pajamas

I’m a big Kindred Bravely fan. Their products are super high quality and the brand is run by women to empower women— especially supporting those who are pregnant and postpartum. That’s a check check in my book.

Kindred Bravely Long Sleeve Pajama Set, $75