Safe Skin Protection: Dr Murad Correct & Protect Serum SPF 45

This is my go-to skin serum for summer— It’s a serum and SPF in one!

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I’ve often wondered why wearing sunscreen has to feel like such a chore. After you’re done with your whole moisturizing routine, you have to slap on sunscreen that doesn’t really feel like a beauty product— but more like a safety after-thought. That’s when I discovered Dr Murad’s Correct & Protect Serum.

This serum (we’ll get into the details below) is combo’d with SPF 45 , so you literally drop a few drops into your palms, tap it into your skin and you’ve got your serum and SPF in one. It feels so light (like a good serum should) and absorbs immediately, leaving a slightly dewy look—  which I’ll take any day.

Murad Correct & Protect Serum, $69

Photo of Dr Murad’s Correct & Protect Serum

Hyperpigmentation due to hormones:

I have had hyperpigmentation since becoming a mom (thanks Luisa!). Which basically means my skin is much less even, with darker areas, than before. Around the mouth, forehead, and nose there are areas that just scream “I’m a mom”. In the past I’ve relied on a separate serum and sunscreen to help correct discoloration, but this is a great 1-in-1 combo. 

Since this is a serum and sunscreen, let’s go over what makes each component unique!

Dr Murad Serum breakdown:

Carotenoid technology reflects UV light for instant glow and acts as a powerful antioxidant to brighten and reduce visible discoloration. Beet root extract provides a fast-absorbing, moisturizer-like dose of hydration that all skin types will love.

It’s clinically proven to visibly correct discoloration and prevent future hyperpigmentation.

Dr Murad Sunscreen breakdown:

This amazingly sheer SPF delivers broad-spectrum, 100% mineral-based UV protection that doesn’t leave a white cast for glowing, protected skin. Plus it’s 45! So many other combined moisturizer/SPF products I’ve tried have only 20 or 30 SPF.

7 Reasons I love Dr Murad Correct & Protect Serum SPF 45:

1- Feels satiny smooth, not sticky like some serums

2- Very light, easy texture to put on evenly across the face and neck

3- Absorbs quickly into the skin

4- Gives me sun protection even if I’m too lazy for an extra sunscreen step

5- Adds a dewy glow (sometimes I’ll use it more than once a day for a little pick me up!)

6- No white sunscreen residue (even though it’s 100% mineral based!)

7- When I pack for trips, it’s a 2-in-1 that takes up no space at all.

Best ingredients in Dr Murad Correct & Protect Serum SPF 45:

100% mineral zinc oxide (16.7%) sunscreen and plant extracts delivers 360-degree defense against UVA, UVB, blue light and pollution.  

Responsibly sourced jojoba, squalane and tomato fruit extract blend delivers a powerful  antioxidant defense, and absorbs UV light and reflects it to naturally enhance skin glow.  

Beet root extract: Infuses skin with comfortable, lasting hydration while stimulating Vitamin D production. 

Is this product safe for pregnant and  breastfeeding women?

Yes! It’s made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, animal derived ingredients, mineral oil, formaldehyde, oxybenzone and petrolatum. 

Does this work for all skin types:

This serum is good for balanced, oily, combination, dry or sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin, and I had no issues whatsoever.

Price and availability:

Dr Murad Correct & Protect Serum SPF 45 is $69 for 1 fluid ounce.

Pricey yes, but it’s a 2-in-1 and works really well.

Why I love Dr Murad’s Correct & Protect Serum:

I use this serum right after washing my face (or showering) each morning. It’s super light and not greasy. I love knowing that whatever I forget throughout the day, at least I got started with basic skin protection. I usually add more in my moisturizer, but extra is just a bonus.

Photo of Dr Murad’s Correct & Protect Serum