Best Seamless Bra: True & Co’s True Body Wireless Bra For Women

The seamless bra that’s #1 in my bra wardrobe.

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This super comfortable non-bra bra has been a staple in my closet for a while, which is why I’m so surprised when I hear that anyone hasn’t tried it! True & Co has made a franchise out of their True Body collection and it’s no surprise— it’s soft, supple, easy fit and easy care. If you’re working from home, dropping the kids off at school or headed to work, this easy breezy comfort seamless bra does it all.

Unlike other bras, this bra does not need to be plied off of your body at the end of the day. It’s actually comfortable. The skinny straps don’t dig in or fall off of your shoulders. The wide back does not give you back fat. And best of all, the bra comes in a shit-ton of colors that you’ll love, even if you only wear nude.

True & Co Women’s True Body Triangle Strap Bra, $49

10 Reasons I love the True & Co True Body bra:

1- The True Body fabric lasts forever.

I have other styles that I’ve worn and washed for 2+ years and they never age, get pilled, or fade.

2- These bras are easy to wash.

You can 100% launder these bras along with everything else in the washing machine. They are not delicate and don’t need to be handwashed (heaven forbid), but I do skip the dryer and hang them. They dry in a few minutes.

3- Wireless bras for the win.

I love wireless and so will you. I wear them everyday, but if you are a wire for work woman (totally understand) then you’ll love this for the other 50% of your life.

4- Easy sizing makes buying easy

With sizes Xsmall-Xlarge, you really can’t go wrong with the size. Their sizing chart maps it out nicely, accommodating 30C-40B. Also, these bras are so stretchy that even if you gain a few pounds, are pregnant or tend to grow during your period, your size will still fit. 

5- Seamless bras are the best.

With no hardware, clasps or fancy lace, these bras do not show through. Wearing a white tee? You’re good. Fitted knit? Also good. It’s also tagless which should be a no-brainer for bra brands at this point, but it’s not always the case.

6- I love skinny straps

These skinny adjustable straps don’t fall off your shoulders or dig in. They’re very soft with a brushed inside for comfort and a little grip.

7- Convertible straps are a 2-in-1

Anything 2-in-1 is a win, so when a bra goes from standard strap to convertible, we’re psyched. 

8- V neck bras go with everything

The plunge front means this bra hides under everything, even if it’s a deep V or scoop-front tee. You don’t have to change your bra if it shows— it won’t.

9- Nude bras that are pretty

There are about 20 color choices for this bra. Mink, Bronzed, Desert and Chestnut cover all the skin tones, but Peony, Lilac and Whiskey Rose make perfect nudes that are prettier to look at.

10- You can match your underwear

The True Body underwear collection includes all styles (boyshort, bikini, thong, etc) in matching colors. Not that you need to match for anyone but yourself, but it does make you feel a little better.

Cons of the True & Co seamless bra:

1- Removable bra pads are a pain.

I have a love/hate relationship with inserts. I do love and need the inserts for shape and coverage. Plus these are great quality inserts. But there are mornings when I start out having to put my boobs into place (the foam inserts do flip around).

Pro tip: Definitely take out the pads before you put the bra into the washing machine.

2- Price of the True & Co bra.

$44 is less than a lot of other bras, but those bras have much more complicated components/hardware. For the simplicity of this bra, I would like to pay under $30.

3- The bra goes on over the head.

It goes on over the head. Not a negative for me, but if you can’t go over the head, try a front or back-close instead.

True & Co Women’s True Body Triangle Strap Bra, $49

Why I love the True & Co seamless bra:

I love seamless bras that are easy to wear and easy to wash. I also love a bra that is very light and without molding, especially in the warmer months. These bras offer true comfort to wearers of all sizes.